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About Us

Madina Super Cardinals

Madina SC FC is a football-centered non-governmental organization registered with the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The academy operates in Madina and its localities in the greater Accra region of Ghana specializing in the training of young boys to play professional football on the national and international stages.


To train and shape young talents through vigorous and disciplined training on and off the field. To assist our youth in acquiring the requisite academic knowledge that will help transform them into responsible adults.


We exist to train young budding players to be equipped to compete and play in national and international leagues

Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Meaning Behind Our Name & Logo - Madina Super Cardinals Football Club

Cardinal points refer to the four principal points on a compass—North, South, East & West. We chose this name because we believe our boys can become cardinal or prominent in the football industry. Our logo bears the image of a Cardinal bird that in many cultures symbolizes positivity in the middle of trouble. These conspicuously red birds are known to fiercely defend their territories; just the the kind of qualities we hope to imbibe in our players.

Matches We Play

Ga East Football Association Leagues and Cones League
Community leagues
Friendly matches with other football clubs

Our Objectives

Talent Management

Talent Management

To organize the youths, assist in cultivating their talents in sports, and train them to
harness their potential in the game of football.

Youth Skill Development

Youth Skill Development

To create an enabling environment for our youths’ development so they can attain
employable skills in football and other disciplines

Youth Encouragement

Youth Encouragement

To encourage the youth in their pursuit of higher learning while broadening their
vision in any field or profession.

Building an Independent Foundation

Building an Independent Foundation

To help them build a solid independent foundation for their future by equipping them
with the basic knowledge of football values and its associated forms of discipline

Value of Responsibility

Value of Responsibility

To help young players identify the value of responsibility that comes with success
and/or stardom both locally and internationally through training and counseling

Meet Our Team

GFA Registered

Roles of Parents/Guardians

● Ensure minors are availed for training at the required time.
● Sign the students in and out to ensure the child’s safety is not compromised.
● Buy training gear for the minors Training happens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm at Aviation Park, Madina. Game/Match days are on Saturdays and Sundays

What We Do


Exercises & Aerobics

Training youths to play skillful football through exercising, aerobics, push-ups, ball control, accurate passing, and board work.

Play Matches

Facilitating physical education in school to ensure our students receive all-rounded knowledge

House Participants

Providing accommodation and meals at the clubhouse for students who are not from the community

Health & Nutrition

Sharing dietary recommendations and other health tips to keep the young players in good shape. We provide clean drinking water and fresh fruits and encourage them to eat healthy and wholesome meals.


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